Departmental Colloquium

The Penn Classical Studies Colloquium meets every Thursday when classes are in session at 4:30 in Cohen 402 or 337. The Colloquium features speakers from the department, the university, and the area, as well as from many other national and international institutions. Attendance is open to the public. The Colloquium is preceded by a coffee hour in Cohen 250 at 4:00.

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Upcoming Colloquia

Friday, September 19, 2014

Texts are events, events happen, and happenings involve people in relation to one another.  In this paper, I use engagements with Greek and Roman literature undertaken by non-classicist artists and thinkers to explore the ethics of reading, picking up on the arguments of John Dewey, Peter Brooks, Derek Attridge, Judith Butler, Charles Larmore and others.  Is there a way to articulate the immanent value of studying Greek and Latin texts?  I argue that Hannah Arendt’s work in particular (especially her readings of Plato and Vergil) illuminates how the canon may be renewed over

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rhetoric was a central part of the legacy of the classical world and at the same time a defining characteristic of renaissance humanism. This paper will examine the ways in which northern European humanists, in particular Rudolph Agricola (1443-85) and Erasmus of Rotterdam (?1469-1536) used elements of their classical inheritance, both rhetorical and literary, to produce innovations in rhetorical theory. Among other doctrines the paper will discuss exposition, argumentation, disposition, the topics of invention and the techniques of copia.