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ULPIANUS Next to Papinlanus the most celebrated among Roman jurists. He was born at Tyre about 170 A.D. He began his career in Rome under Septimius Severus as assessor of Papinianus; and, under Elagabalus and Alexander Severus, whose preceptor and guardian he had been, filled the office of a proefectus proetorio. During his tenure of this office he was murdered (228) before the eyes of the emperor by the praetorians, whom he had exasperated by the strictness of his discipline. His two chief works, on the praetorian law, Ad Edictum, in 83 books, and on the civil law (Ad Sabinum) in 51 books, were held in high esteem, and formed the foundation of the Pandects of Justinian's Corpus Iuris. Of this portion the extracts from his writings form a full third. Besides these excerpts we have a small part of his Regularum Liber Singularis and of his Institutions.
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A sun-shade. (See CLOTHING.)
URANIA Epithet of Aphrodite (q.v.).
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The Muse of astronomy (see MUSES).
URANIA A Greek game at ball (q.v.).
URANUS Son and husband of Gaea, the Earth, who bore to him the Titans, the Cyclopes, and Hecatoncheires. He did not allow the children born to him to see the light, but concealed them in the depths of the earth. Enraged at this, Gaea stirred up her children against him, and Cronus, the youngest of the Titans, unmanned him with the sickle which his mother had given to him. From the blood that fell upon the earth were born the Erinyes and the Giants. The member which was cut off fell into the sea, and out of the foam produced around it there came into being the goddess called Aphrodite (hence called Aphrogeneia, i.e. foam-born).
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A Roman water-vessel. (See VESSELS.)
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