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Form: Athenian.
Public arbitrators, to whom the parties in a private suit might apply if they wished to avoid a trial before the Heliastae. For this object a considerable number of citizens 60 years of age were nominated. The received no salary, but a feet of a drachma (about 8d.) from each party, and as much from the complainant for every adjournment. In case of misconduct they could be called to account. The Diaetetae were assigned to the parties by lot by the magistrate who (according to the character of the case) would have presided in the court of the Heliaea. To this magistrate (in case the parties did not appeal to the Heliaea against it), the Diaetetes handed in the sentence he had delivered as the result of his investigation, to have it signed and published, and thus made legal. The name of Diaetetae was also given to private arbitrators named by agreement between the parties on the understanding that their decision was to be accepted without appeal.
Type: Standard
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