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Form: Dikaiarchos.
A Greek philosopher and author, a disciple of Aristotle. He was born at Messana in Sicily, but lived mostly in Greece, and especially in the Peloponnese. He was the author of many works on geography, history, politics" and philosophy. One of his most important works was The Life of Hellas, in three books, which contained an account of the geography of Greece, its political development and the condition of its various states, its public and private life, its theatre, games, religions, etc. Only fragments of it remain. [The De Re Publica of Cicero is supposed, with good reason, to be founded upon a work by Dicaearchus.] A badly written description of Greece, in 150 iambic senarii, bears the name of Dicaearchus, but (as the acrostic at the beginning shows) is really from the band of a certain Dionysius, son of Calliphon. Three interesting and not unimportant fragments of a work on The Cities of Greece have also been wrongly attributed to him. Their real author appears to have been an unknown writer named Heraclides, who flourished 280 B.C.
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