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In Latin, signifies any unit, which determines the value of fractional quantities in coins, weights and measures, or interest, inheritance and the like. The as was divided duodecimally into unciae. The names of its parts are: deunae 11/12, dex tans 5/6, dodrans 3/4, bes 2/3, septunae 7/12, semis ½, quincunae 6/12, triens 1/3, quadrans 1/4, sextans 1/6, sescuncia 1/8, uncia 1/12. In questions of inheritance, a sole heir was entitled heres ex asse, an heir to half the estate, heres ex semisse, and so on. As a coin, the copper as weighed a Roman pound (nominally 12, but practically only 10 unciae), and was worth, previously to B.C. 269, nearly 6d. In the year 217 it was reduced to 1 uncia, and in later times to ½ and ¼ uncia. In Cicero's time the as was = rather less than a halfpenny. Comp. COINAGE.
Type: Standard
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