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Form: Marcus Vipsanius.
Born B.C. 63, died B.C. 12. He was the friend, son-in-law, general, and minister of Augustus. He was also a speaker and writer of some repute. Under his supervision was carried out the great survey of the Roman empire which Caesar had begun in 44 B.C. With the help of the materials thus obtained he constructed a circular Map of the World. About B.C. 7, Augustus had it engraved on a large scale in marble, and set up for public use in the colomnade built by Agrippa's sister Polla (porticus Pollae). It may be regarded as the source and model of all succeeding aids to geography, especially the Itineraries (q.v.) and the Peutinger Table. A book on the results of the survey, which Agrippa had begun writing, was continued and published, by order of Augustus, under the title of Chorographia.

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COIN OF AGRIPPA'S THIRD CONSULSHIP, B.C. 27. (Berlin Museum.) Obv. Head of Agrippa, wearing the corona classica. Rev. Neptune with Dolphin and Trident. S C=Sonatus consulto.
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