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Form: Eukleides
A Greek mathematician who taught at Alexandria about 30O B.C. All that is known of his life is that he was held in much esteem, and won the high regard of king Ptolemy I. His labours in putting the discoveries of former mathematicians into order, completing them, and expounding them with matchless clearness and conciseness, won him the position of the founder of mathematical literature. We still possess his Elements of Mathematics (Stoicheia) which have been used until quite lately as the foundation of all geometrical textbooks. These are in 15 books; the 13th and 14th, however, are said to have been added by Hypsicles of Alexandria about 160 B.C. Besides this, we have what are called his Data, or 5 geometrical propositions as an introduction to geometrical analysis, an astronomical work entitled Phaenomena, and a musical work on the division of the canon. Some other treatises, probably from the hands of other authors, have been attributed to Euclid. Such are the Elements of Optics and Catoptrics, and the Introduction to Music.
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