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A Greek grammarian and historian, of Athens, about 140 B.C., a pupil of Aristarchus and the Stoic Panaetius. He was a most prolific writer on grammar, mythology geography, and bistory. Some of his works were written in iambic senarii, e.g. a geography, and the Chronica, a condensed enumeration of the most important data in history and literature from the fall of Troy, which he places in B.C. 1183, down to his own time, undoubtedly the most important of ancient works on the subject. Besides fragments, we have under his name a book entitled Bibliotheca, a great storehouse of mythological material from the oldest theogonies down to Theseus, and, with all its faults of arrangement and treatment, a valuable aid to our knowledge of Greek mythology. Yet there are grounds for doubting whether it is from his hand at all, whether it is even an extract from his great work, On the Gods, in twenty-four books.
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