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Son of Helros (who is himself sometimes called Phaethon) and the Sea-nymph Clymene, wife of Merops, king of Aetiopia. When he grew up, he demanded of his father, as a proof of his birth, the privilege of driving the chariot of the sun for a single day . He proved, however, too weak to restrain the horses, who soon ran away with him, and plunged, now close up to heaven, now right down to earth, so that both began to take fire. At last, to save the whole world from destruction, Zeus shattered the young man with his lightning, his corpse falling into the river Eridanus. His sisters, the Heliades Aegle, Phaethusa, and Lampetie, wept for him unceasingly, and were changed into poplars; whence it is that their tears still ooze from those trees, and are hardened by Helios into amber.
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