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Two spirits worshipped in the the neighbourhood of Mount Etna in Sicily, as benevolent deities and protectors of agriculture. They are sometimes described as sons of Adranus, a native hero honoured through the whole of Sicily; sometimes, of Heph'stus and the Nymph 'tna; sometimes, of Zeus and Thalia, a daughter of Heph'stus, who concealed herself in the earth from fear of Hera's jealousy, whereupon two hot sulphur springs burst out of the ground. Beside these springs solemn oaths were taken, especially in legal proceedings, the swearer, who must have previously kept himself from all defilement, touching the brink; if the oath were false, blinding or instantaneous death followed. According to another account, a tablet inscribed with the oath was thrown into the water, and swam on the surface if the oath were true, but sank in the contrary case, while flames devoured the perjurer. The neighbouring sanctuary of the Palici served as an oracle and also as a shelter for fugitive slaves. [Diodorus Siculus, xi 89.]
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