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A Greek artist, the chief representative of the 'ginetan school of sculpture in bronze, about 460 B.C. Besides statues of the gods, such as an Apollo at Pergamon, admired for its size and execution [Pausanias, viii 42 § 7), we hear of groups of his, rich in figures, drawn either from the heroic epoch, as for example the ten Greek heroes casting lots as to who should undertake the battle with Hector [ib. v 25 § 8]; or from contemporary history, such as the votive offering of the Tarentines, containing equestrian and pedestrian combatants, and consecrated at Delphi for their victory over the barbarian Peucetians [ib. x 13 § 10]. He also executed a group representing Hiero of Syracuse with the chariot in which he had been victorious at Olympia [ib. viii 42 § 8]. [His most remarkable work was the bronze figure of the black Demeter, in a cavern thirty stadia from Phigaleia in the south-east corner of Elis (ib. viii 42).]
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