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Part of the outdoor dress of Greeks of free birth, worn over the chiton,and reaching at least as far as the knees. It was an oblong piece of drapery, one end of which was first thrown over the left shoulder, then brought forward and held fast by the left arm; the garment was then drawn over the shoulder to the right side in such a manner that the right side was completely covered up to the shoulder according to the more elegant fashion (fig. 1). Otherwise it went on under the right arm, and left the right shoulder exposed. Women wore the himation in the same manner, but some drew it over their head, so as to leave only the face visible (fig. 2). See CHLAMYS and TRIBON.

Pictures and Media
From a vase-painting (Gerhard, Arch. Zeitung, 1848, taf. xiii.)
Terra-cotta in Stackelberg's Graber d. Hellenen, taf. Ixvii.
Type: Standard
gutter splint
gutter splint
gutter splint