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In Greek mythology the son of Poseidon, and father of Alope, who lived at Eleusis, and compelled all passers-by to wrestle with him. He was conquered and slain by the young Theseus, who gave the kingdom of Eleusis to his grandson, Hippothoon. (See ALOPE, and THESEUS.)
ALOPE 100.00%
Daughter of Cercyon of Eleusis, and, by Poseidon, mother of Hippothoon (q.v.); after whose birth her father was going to kill her, but the god changed her into a fountain.
Son of Poseidon and Alope, the daughter of Cercyon of Eleusis. After his birth he was exposed by his mother and suckled by a mare, until some shepherds found him and reared him. Alope (who had been imprisoned for life by her father), was transformed into a spring bearing her own name at Eleusis. When Theseus (q.v.) overcame Cercyon in wrestling, and killed him, he restored to Hippothoon the inheritance of his grandfather. He was afterwards honoured as the hero of the Attic tribe that bore his name.
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