Cam Grey, "Disaster, Decline and Fall- Or Not? A Late Antique Earthquake and its Cultural Reverberations" @ Temple University

On March 8th Cam Grey will present at Temple University. His talk is titled, "Disaster, Decline and Fall- or Not? A Late Antique Earthquake and its Cultural Reverberations."  

Analysis of the impact of seismic events upon communities in late antiquity has tended to revolve around intellectual paradigms that focus upon the ways in which they were employed in the putative “culture wars” between pagans and Christians in the period, or implicate natural disasters in the so-called decline and fall of the late Roman Empire. The purpose of this paper is to begin upon the task of rescuing natural disturbances such as earthquakes, together with the human disasters that they sometimes catalyze, from these rather unreflective and tautological analytical frameworks.

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