Cynthia Damon: Student Research Results in New Publication

In Fall semester of 2015, Classical Studies undergraduates in Professor Cynthia Damon’s Latin 309 class compiled a commentary on the Agricola by the Roman historian Tacitus (98 AD), a biography of his father-in-law, who was a general and the Roman governor of Britain.  The undergraduates' research work was moved onto a digital platform with the support of Penn's Price Lab for Digital Humanities and published in the well-respected Dickinson College Commentaries series.  

From the Preface by Professor Damon: "This is a variorum commentary on Tacitus' Agricola. (The term "variorum" refers to a compilation made "with the notes of various editors," cum notis variorum.) The notes were selected and assembled by undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania during the academic year 2015/16, then vetted, edited, and occasionally supplemented by me (see further below). It was designed to complement an excellent recent commentary on the Agricola (A. J. Woodman, Tacitus: Agricola [with C. S. Kraus]. Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014), which was the textbook for the class.”

And if you’d like to see where the image that led you here comes from, follow the commentary at Agricola 14.