UPENN Presents at CAMWS 2018

Papers to be presented by current Penn students at the Annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South meeting, April 2018, Albuquerque, NM


An Asiatic Minority or Majority? Rethinking Army Composition in the Early

Seleucid Empire. Benjamin Abbott(ANCH)

Blocking Fathers, Illicit Marriages: Continuity and Change from Sophocles to Menander. Marcie Persyn (CLST)

Describing (the Exterior of) Greece: Space in Pausanias. Maria V. Kovalchuk (CLST)

Competitive Medicine and the Style of the Epidemics. Wesley J. Hanson (CLST)

Convivium et Epulum: Hellenistic Banqueting and Drunkenness in Livy’s Ab Urbe Condita. Timothy M. Warnock (ANCH)

Good Doctor, Bad Doctor: Aristophanes as a Comic Healer. Amy S. Lewis (CLST)

Initiating Ajax: Mystery Ritual in Sophocles' Play. Brian V. Credo (CLST)

Poison, Plague, and Panic: The Veneficia Investigations of the 180s B.C.Bryn E. Ford (ANCH)

Sound in Ennius' Annales. Isabella Reinhardt. (CLST) Runner-up for the Presidential Award for the Outstanding Graduate Student Paper

A Statue Base for T. Quinctius Flamininus at Chalcis (IG XII 9, 931). Gavin P. Blasdel (ANCH)

The Symposiast's Best Friend: Images of the Sympotic Dog on Athenian Vases. William M. Pedrick (Postbac)


Plus one paper to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians, April 2018, Williamsburg, VA

The Necessity of the non-Athenian to the Athenian Democracy: The Military Importance and Institutional Origin of the Metic,” Gregory Callaghan (ANCH)