Course Planning


Our courses have several different course codes, for Ancient History (ANCH), Classical Studies (CLST), Greek (GREK), and Latin (LATN).

A number of these courses are cross-listed with other departments such as Art History, English, and Philosophy, and several can be used to fulfill General Education requirements such as Foreign Language, Cross-Cultural Analysis, Arts and Letters, History and Tradition, or Humanities and Social Sciences.

These courses can also be combined to make up a minor or major.



Our outline of regular courses on this site is for general planning purposes, and may sometimes vary. For more specific information about individual courses, see the Course Register and the listing of courses for individual semesters.

Courses taken on study abroad programs in Rome or Athens can also be used toward the minor or major. For information on transfer of credit, please contact the undergraduate chair.

Seniors have the option of proposing an independent study with a faculty member in conjunction with writing a Senior Research Paper, which may make them eligible for honors in the major.

Undergraduates may sometimes be admitted to graduate courses taught at the 400-, 500-, and 600-levels. For further information contact the undergraduate chair and/or the course instructor.

There are also opportunities to spend a semester abroad studying in Greece or Rome, or to participate in an excavation over the summer.