Minor in Classical Studies

A minor in Classical Studies can serve as a useful complement to undergraduate majors in many related areas. The minor consists of six courses, configured as follows:

  • ANCH 026 Ancient Greece or ANCH 027 Ancient Rome.
  • Any 5 other courses in Ancient History (ANCH), Classical Studies (CLST), Greek (GREK), or Latin (LATN) as approved by the Undergraduate Chair.

 Students who have taken introductory and intermediate courses in Latin and/or Greek (i.e., at the 100- and 200-level) may use up to four of these courses toward the minor.

Students interested in declaring a minor should meet with the Undergraduate Chair as early as possible to plan their coursework.

See also the Minor in Ancient History, which is more specific to the content and methods of historical study, and may include a focus on other ancient mediterranean and global cultures, not just Greece and Rome.