Latin Placement


Students who have not previously studied Latin or Greek will want to enroll in the introductory course, 101. See here for an overview of Latin and Greek courses at Penn.

Students who have previously studied Latin or Greek usually seek admission to a higher-level course:

An SAT-II score of 450 qualifies you for admission to 102; a score of 550, admission to 203; a score of 600, admission to 204. An SAT-II score of 650, or an AP score of 4 or 5, qualifies you for admission to 305 and 309 — though in some cases you and your instructor may agree that LATN 203 or 204 is more appropriate. Admission is ultimately at the discretion of the language program supervisor in consultation with the undergraduate chair and the course instructor. If in doubt (especially in the case of Greek, where there is no standardized test), please contact the undergraduate chair.

Latin Placement Test

If you do not already have a Latin AP score or SAT score prior to matriculating at Penn, you will need to take the department's Latin Placement Test, which is held in the first week of each semester. The test is in the SAT-II format. For further information, see the College Board's practice resources page.

Time and place of next Latin placement test

  • FALL 2018: Monday, Aug. 27, 9.00-10.00, Cohen Hall 402. (No sign-up required. Please simply show up.)

Foreign Language Requirement

Penn's Foreign Language Requirement, part of the requirement in General Education, may be filled in any of the following ways: an AP score of 4 or 5; a score of at least 650 on SAT-II or Penn's Latin Placement Test; completion of LATN/GREK 204 or 212 with a grade of C- or higher.