Jeffrey Ulrich

Contact Information

PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2016, B.A., Rutgers University, 2008

I received my PhD from the U. Penn Classical Studies department in the spring of 2016, after completing a dissertation entitled ‘Platonic Reflections in Apuleius’. Broadly speaking, I am interested in the interactions between philosophical texts and ancient narrative texts, particularly those of the Late Empire and Second Sophistic. Moreover, I enjoy studying the interactions between texts, visual media, and readers, and using theoretical models (e.g., narratology, reader-response theory, intermediality, etc.) to illuminate the possible interpretative outcomes. In my dissertation, I traced the Platonic threads of mirror metaphors and catoptric encounters across Apuleius’ corpus. At the moment, I am finishing a few papers on Platonic allusion in Apuleius and in pseudo-Lucian’s Amores; I am also in the process of beginning another project on representations of time and geography in afterlife narratives, starting with ancient conceptions of the Island of the Blessed.