Augustan Poetry and the Roman Republic

and Damien P. Nelis, editors

Oxford University Press, 2013


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List of Contributors (ix)

J. Farrell and D. P. Nelis (1)

  1. Per transitum tangit historiam: Intersecting Developments of Roman Identity in Virgil 
    Maria Luisa Delvigo (19)

  2. The Philology of History: How and What Augustan Literature Remembers: Horace, c. 2.7, Virgil, ecl. 1, and Propertius, 1.19, 1.22, and 2.13B 
    Jürgen Paul Schwindt (40)

  3. Camillus in Ovids Fasti
    Joseph Farrell (57)

  4. Roman Gentes in Ovids Fasti: The Fabii and the Claudii  
    Jacqueline Fabre-Serris (89)

  5. Trojan Palimpsests: The Archaeology of Roman History in Aeneid 2
    Philip Hardie (107)

  6. Virgils Bacchus and the Roman Republic
    Fiachra Mac Góráin (124) 

  7. Caesar, Lucan, and the Massilian Marathonomachia
    Jean-Christophe Jolivet (146)

  8. From Paris to Rome: Virgils Andromache between Politics and Poetics in Charles Baudelaires Le Cygne
    Joséphine Alida Jacquier (161)

  9. Horaces Epistle 2.1, Cicero, Varro, and the Ancient Debate about the Origins and the Development of Latin Poetry
    Mario Citroni (180)

  10. Constructing the Roman Myth: The History of the Republic in Horaces Lyric Poetry
    Mario Labate (205)

  11. Numa in Augustan Poetry
    Alain Deremetz (228)

  12. Past, Present, and Future in Virgils Georgics
    Damien P. Nelis (244)

  13. Catullus 64 and the Prophetic Voice in VirgilFourth Eclogue 
    Gail Trimble (263)

  14. Virgils Caesar: Intertextuality and Ideology
    Monica R. Gale (278)

  15. The Domus of Fama and Republican Space in Ovids Metamorphoses  
    Bill Gladhill (297)

Alain M. Gowing (319)

References (333)

Index (367) 

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