Introductory and General Education Courses

Courses at the 000-level offer basic introductions to the history and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome:
  • ANCH 026 Ancient Greece (every fall; summer) [Hist&Trad + Cross-Cultural Analysis]
  • ANCH 027 Ancient Rome (every spring; summer) [Hist&Trad + Cross-Cultural Analysis]
  • Occasional freshman seminars (e.g., CLST 030 The Poetry of Vergil, CLST 006 Inescapable Classics)
  • Occasional critical writing seminars (e.g., WRIT 026 Tragedy's Monstrous Mothers) [Writing]
  • Various cross-credited courses (e.g., NELC 101 Ancient Near East = ANCH 025
Individual courses at the 100-level introduce some of the main fields of classical studies: archaeology, history, intellectual culture, language, literature, reception (mostly taught every year):
  • CLST 100 Greek and Roman Myth (spring and online in summer) [Arts&Letters + Cross-Cultural Analysis]
  • CLST 102 Classical Traditions (fall) [Arts&Letters]
  • CLST 107 Ancient Drama [Arts&Letters]
  • CLST 111 Introduction to Mediterranean Archaeology (fall) [Hist&Trad + Cross-Cultural Analysis]
  • CLST 117 Periclean Athens
  • CLST 118 The Augustan Cultural Revolution
  • CLST/ANCH 146 Ancient Mediterranean Empires (fall)
  • CLST 123 Great Discoveries in Archaeology (spring) [Cross-Cultural Analysis]
  • CLST 140 Scandalous Arts in Ancient and Modern Societies [Hum&SocSci]
  • CLST 143 Authors and Audiences in the Greek and Roman World [Arts&Letters + Cross-Cultural Analysis]
  • Elementary Ancient Greek, Latin, and Modern Greek (See Greek and Latin)
  • Various cross-credited courses (e.g., PHIL 003 History of Ancient Philosophy = CLST 103)