Conferences and Travel

Conference and Travel Policy  

The Department recognizes that various activities such as attending conferences and workshops, conducting research in archives and delivering papers at conferences play an important role in the professional and intellectual development of graduate students. Accordingly the faculty strongly encourages students to explore this avenue for professional development, as part of full preparation for a career that includes teaching and publication of research. 

The following procedures have been devised to ensure the fairest distribution of funds. Students wishing to apply for a financial subvention should do as follows:

1. Discuss the suitability of attending a conference with the graduate chair and with the chair of their dissertation committee or advisor.

2. Show evidence that they have applied to SASgov, GAPSA and any other appropriate funding source. (Some conferences offer subventions for graduate students; always check!)

3. Supply the following details to their graduate chair and supervisor:

  • Title and theme of the conference
  • Location and date of the conference
  • Title and abstract of the proposed paper
  • Brief explanation of the paper’s relevance to the student’s dissertation and research
  • Budget including all travel and accommodation costs

The department cannot subvent more than one conference or research related professional activity per year for each student, and the amounts awarded for travel bursaries are contingent on the number of applications received. Under no circumstances will applications be accepted after a conference.

(Revised 10/30/15)