The M.A. Degree

The requirements for an M.A. in Classical Studies may be met after one year of study. These entail satisfactory performance in a total of eight graduate level classes (5000 or above) including at least one with a strong focus on language (such as the Greek or Latin Language Lab classes) and one in either Greek or Roman history; and a research requirement, to be met either through a research paper written for a course or through the writing of an M.A. thesis. For the Classical Studies M.A., candidates will have taken one or more graduate-level classes in Greek, and one or more in Latin.  Requirements for the M.A. in either Greek or Latin are the same as above, except that the candidate will have taken graduate-level classes only in the specified language. The MA is also awarded as a matter of course to continuing students upon completion of the Ph.D. Qualifications Evaluation Examination.