Courses in Greek (GREK)

NOTE: This page uses the new 4-digit numbers. For correlations with old 3-digit numbers, see here.

The listings here concern Classical Greek. (For Modern Greek. Courses in Modern Greek are offered through the Penn Language Center.)

0100. Elementary Classical Greek I (fall)

An introduction to Classical Greek morphology and syntax.  This course includes exercises in grammar, Greek composition, and translation from Greek to English. Emphasis is placed upon developing the ability to read Greek with facility.

 0200. Elementary Classical Greek II (spring)

 Prerequisite(s): GREK 0100 or equivalent. Students complete their study of the morphology and syntax of Classical Greek. We begin the semester with continuing exercises in grammar and translation, then gradually shift emphasis to reading unadapted Greek texts.

0300. Intermediate Classical Greek: Prose (fall)

Prerequisite(s): GREK 0200 or equivalent. You are now ready to begin reading real Greek! This course is an introduction to reading Greek prose, with an emphasis on fluent reading. We will read from works by one or more Greek prose authors, focusing on language and style.

0400. Intermediate Classical Greek: Poetry (spring)

Prerequisite(s): GREK 0300 or equivalent. This course is an introduction to reading Greek poetry, with an emphasis on the characteristics that differentiate the grammar, diction, and sentence structure of poetry from that of prose.  The readings are primarily from Homer. Note: Completion of this course with C- or higher fulfills the Penn Foreign Language Requirement.

3000-level. Topics in Greek Literature

Prerequisite(s): GREK 0400 or equivalent, or permission of instructor. Close reading and discussion of a Latin author or a particular literary genre. Recent authors: Apollonius, Aristophanes, Herodotus, Homeric Hymns, Plato, Plutarch, Sophocles. Topics vary each semester, and the course may be repeated for credit.

Independent Studies

Advanced undergraduates may arrange with a faculty member to do an independent study (LATN/GREK 3999) on a chosen topic, with the written approval of the undergraduate chair. Students considering an independent study should meet with the undergraduate chair prior to the preregistration period in the preceding semester. A student admitted to the Senior Research Paper program will typically enroll in CLST 4998 in the fall of the senior year (see separate guidelines on the Senior Research Paper).

Graduate Courses

Advanced undergraduates may also seek admission to graduate-level GREK 5801 Advanced Greek Language and Composition and the graduate survey course GREK 6610 Reading Greek; as well as to other graduate seminars, with permission. Please see the undergraduate chair.