Minor in Classical Studies

CLST Minor requirements

A minor in Classical Studies can serve as a useful complement to undergraduate majors in many related areas. The minor consists of six courses, configured as follows:

  • ANCH 026 Ancient Greece or ANCH 027 Ancient Rome.
  • Any 5 other courses in Ancient History (ANCH), Classical Studies (CLST), Greek (GREK), or Latin (LATN) as approved by the Undergraduate Chair.

Students interested in declaring a minor should meet with the Undergraduate Chair as early as possible to plan their coursework—though students who have completed all or most of the courses required for a minor are weclome to declare retroactively!

Double-counting welcome!

Students who have taken introductory and intermediate courses in Latin and/or Greek (i.e., at the 100- and 200-level), even to fulfil the Foreign Language Requirement, may use up to four of these courses toward the minor.

Students may also double-count as many Sector courses toward the Minor as they wish.

Compare: ANCH Minor

See also the Minor in Ancient History, which is more specific to the content and methods of historical study, and may include a focus on other ancient Mediterranean and global cultures, not just Greece and Rome.