Conference on Work in the Ancient World, Co-orgranized by Penn Graduate Student

Work/Life: Institutions, Subjectivities, and Human Resources in the Roman World

An International Workshop

Co-Organizers: Del A. Maticic (NYU) and Jordan Rogers (Penn)

All sessions will be conducted on Zoom. Each session will be 75 minutes, with two 20-30 minute talks and the rest of the time devoted to discussion.  If you would like to sign up to receive announcements about the series, including links to the Zoom calls, please email This workshop is sponsored by the NYU Center for Ancient Studies and the University of Pennsylvania Center for Ancient Studies.

Session I

Monday, October 26, 5:00pm EDT

“The Politics of Pesto: Making Metaphor Work (Moretum)”

Tom Geue, Lecturer in Latin, University of St. Andrews

“Despotics: The Subjection of Workers in the Ancient Agronomists”

Joseph Howley, Associate Professor of Classics, Columbia University 

Session II

Monday, November 16, 10:00am EST

Omnes in sordida arte versantur: Judgments of and by Merchants in the Roman World”

Jane Sancinito, Assistant Professor of History, University of Massachusetts Lowell

“Can a Slave Do the Job? Work and High-Level Slaves in Roman Law and Literature”

Nicole Giannella, Assistant Professor of Classics, Cornell University

Confirmed Speakers for Spring 2021

Talks will be scheduled by January.

John Bodel

Claire Holleran

Marco Formisano

Ann Kuttner

Astrid Van Oyen

Rebecca Sausville