The Penn Gazette: Peter Struck’s Odyssey

Peter Struck's feature in The Penn Gazette details his scholarship, philosophy and current instruction. Fittingly, the article showcases his many achievements whilst at Penn, from producing The Cambridge Companion to Allegory, published in 2010 to his current work, Divination and Human Nature. The article itself is a timeline of his career which first illustrates his professorship through his lecture on Homer's Odyssey

"With its themes of travel, learning, and combatting insularity, The Odyssey is not a bad place to begin to understand Struck—the Evan C. Thompson Term Professor of Classical Studies and chair of the department, director of the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program, founder of the Integrated Studies Program, and a Lindback Award winner for his teaching—who in the past 15 years has emerged as one of the nation’s most passionate champions of the liberal arts across a variety of platforms."

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