Undergraduate Program

Penn's Classical Studies department offers a variety of undergraduate courses and degree options.

Classical studies is the set of practices through which the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome are studied, interpreted, and interrogated in a living dialogue—sometimes by reading, discussion, and writing, sometimes by studying abroad and by digging in the ground.

Our goal is for you to become a versatile and constructive thinker, and writer, about how the deep past of ancient Greece and Rome has shaped—and itself has been reshaped by—the vital concerns of the present, often in controversial ways.

Our students go forward from Penn ready to perceive, interpret, and respond to the present world as they find it while drawing on the significant knowledge and skills they have acquired through their critical engagement with the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.

For help with selecting courses, to discuss declaring a major or minor, or to learn more about pursuing graduate studies in Classical Studies and related fields, please email the undergraduate chair, Prof. James Ker, or come to his office hours.