Study Abroad

The department is a sponsor of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, where students can apply to do a semester of study abroad, and students also regularly spend a semester of summer at the College Year in Athens program, as well as various summer programs offered in Greece and Italy.

Other programs that can sometimes be petitioned for in fall/spring or in summer include: Trinity College Rome, Temple University Rome, and the Hellenic Education and Research Center.

The renowned summer programs in Classical Studies and Archaeology at the American School in Athens and the American Academy in Rome are open to excellent undergraduates.

Classical studies students often also take courses as part of other regular semester abroad programs such as Kings College London and St Andrews.

Application deadlines are typically at the beginning of the preceding semester. For further information see Penn Abroad.

 The American Philological Association also has a Minority Student Scholarship that can support tuition for a variety of programs typically over the summer.