Amy Lewis

Visiting Scholar
Loeb Classical Library Postdoctoral Fellow

Amy received her B.A. in Classics from University College London, her M.A. in Classics from Universiteit Leiden, and her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. She works on Greek Old Comedy and wrote her dissertation on the concept of "low comedy" in Aristophanes. She has given talks on Aristophanes' rivals Pherecrates and Phrynichus and is keen to integrate the study of comic fragments into the broader discourse about Old Comedy. Amy also has an interest in popular culture in ancient Rome and the relationship between Roman literature and the African continent. She has taught several classes on these topics.

Amy is currently a Loeb Classical Library Postdoctoral Fellow working on an project entitled "Scholiastic Approaches to Aristophanes' Frogs". In this project, she analyses the networks of interpretative approaches to a single play in the scholia vetera and the Byzantine scholia of Tzetzes, Triclinius, and Thomas Magister.