Greek and Latin

Classical Greek and Latin

These two languages are central in Classical Studies, whether as the medium through which ancient culture is known and interpreted, or as objects of linguistic enquiry in their own right.

Both Latin and Greek languages are taught from beginning to advanced level (see Latin courses at Penn and Greek courses at Penn), both within the Classical Studies Department and through Penn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies.

Students may place into different levels of Latin and Greek depending on prior experience.

Although they often form part of a major or minor in Classical Studies, the languages may also be studied independently.

Modern Greek

Elementary and intermediate courses in Modern Greek are offered through the Penn Language Center

Foreign Language Certificate

Students taking three or more courses in Latin or Greek at the 3000-level or above may earn a Language Certificate in that language. In this situation, however, students are strongly encouraged to consider taking the few extra courses required to complete a minor (or major!) in Classical Studies.