Peter Struck, SCS Goodwin Award of Merit (bis!)

Peter Struck, Professor of Classical Studies and Chair of the Penn department, has won the Society for Classical Studies' Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit — for the second time!

The honor recognizes Professor Struck's most recent book, Divination and Human Nature: A Cognitive History of Intuition in Classical Antiquity (Princeton University Press 2016). The Society's citation praises Professor Struck's "erudition, patient argument, and lucid explanation" for its success in "enrich[ing] our sense of the ancient past as indeed a foreign country, but one that we can imagine inhabiting."

Professor Struck also won the Goodwin award for his first book, Birth of the Symbol: Ancient Readers at the limit of their texts (Princeton University Press, 2004).

He is the only person ever to win the Goodwin award a second time. SCS regulations stipulate that no one may receive the award more than twice, so Professor Struck's many fans will have to be content with this unprecedented achievement, or else petition the SCS to change its rules.