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The department offers courses in Classical Studies (CLST), Ancient History (ANCH), Latin (LATN), and Classical Greek (GREK). Courses numbered 000–399 are primarily for undergraduates, 400–999 for graduate students. Many undergraduate courses fill one or more General Requirement in the College:

  • Writing (e.g., WRIT 026 Politics of Immorality / The Roman Emperor / Race in the Ancient World / The Roman Arena / Cicero and Seneca)
  • Foreign Language Requirement (GREK 204 Interemediate Greek Poetry, LATN 204 Intermediate Latin Poetry, GREK/LATN 212 Intensive Intermediate Greek/Latin [summer])
  • Cross-Cultural Analysis (ANCH 026 Ancient Greece, ANCH 027 Ancient Rome, CLST 100 Greek and Roman Myth, CLST 111 Intro to Mediterranean Archaeology, CLST 123 Great Discoveries in Archaeology, CLST 143 Authors and Audiences)
  • Sector I: Society (PHIL/CLST 211 Ancient Moral Philosophy)
  • Sector II: History and Tradition (ANCH 026 Ancient Greece, ANCH 027 Ancient Rome, CLST 111 Intro to Mediterranean Archaeology)
  • Sector III: Arts and Letters (CLST 100 Greek and Roman Myth, CLST 102 Classical Traditions, CLST 107 Ancient Drama, CLST 143 Authors and Audiences)
  • Sector IV: Humanities and Social Sciences (CLST 140 Scandalous Arts in Ancient and Modern Societies)

For course-planning purposes, see also the information on the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate CLST, ANCH, and AAMW programs.

Note on courses offered through LPS (College of Liberal and Professional Studies):

Courses with section suffixes between .600 and .699 (e.g., LATN 101.601) are open to College students but are offered through the College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) and most of the seats in these courses are reserved for LPS students until the second day of the semester. The Classical Studies Department cannot provide permits for LPS courses; LPS manages these permits. For details about a particular course offered by LPS, please visit the LPS page for Course Registration and Permit Queries.

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