The School of Arts and Sciences (1974-present)

Blanche P. Levy Park (The College Green), center of the Penn campus

The Department in its current form dates to 1974, when the College, the College for Women, the College of General Studies, and the social science department of the Wharton School combined to become the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. In 1976 this combined entity changed its name to the School of Arts and Sciences.

As early as 1961 the University had granted its first Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology to Ann Konrad Fletcher, whose dissertation is "A Study of the Relation between Phrygian Metalware and Pottery in the Eighth and Seventh Centuries B.C." In 1973 the structure of Classical Studies at the graduate level assumed what is in essence its current form with the creation of the interdisciplinary Graduate Group in Ancient History, which joined those in Classical Studies and Classical Archaeology (the precursor of AAMW). The first degree in Ancient History was awarded to Robert Carlyle Knapp, whose dissertation is entitled "The Roman Provinces of Iberia to 100 B.C."

Notable People and Events

  • 1984: creation of the Post-baccalaureate Program in Classical Studies 
  • 1992: creation of the Graduate Group in Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World