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This course has two main websites.

The Online Textbook (where we are now) IS NOT password protected and encourages you to just surf around and learn things. You'll notice that it's organized into a few clusters of units, one unit for each week of the course.

The The Penn Online Learning Canvas site (http://upenn.instructure.com/) IS password protected and it is where you will do everything else in the class, including completing worksheets and writing assignments, and meeting for our live sessions on Wednesdays, 4.30-6pm. 


Using the Online Textook

The Online Textbook site is divided into several large content areas, marked out by tabs, each of which contains one or more units. Each web unit will prepare you for the unit's lectures and readings AND teach you what you need to complete the unit's online worksheet (see below). On some of the tabbed sections, you'll also see general help pages, knowledge of which will be useful for you but is not directly evaluated in the worksheets. Expect to spend 2-3 hours digesting and studying the online unit before you do the worksheet.


Assignments on the Canvas site


Every week, you'll be writing. All writing assignments are to be done in your writing tribe's discussion board for that week, which you can find behind the Discussions area on Canvas. (We'll arrange for your writing tribes in the first live meeting of class.) Once during the course, you'll be Featured Writer for your writing group. This means you'll post an essay that is about 1000 words. Featured Writer essays MUST be posted BY 11.30PM, SUNDAY NIGHT. LATE ESSAYS WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT! Assignments will vary, be sure to be at Thursday's live session to get the information on it. This essay will be 15% of your grade in the class -- so do pay some close attention to it.

On ALL weeks, starting with week 3, including the week that you are Featured Writer, you will be required to post a response to one of your Writing Tribe's featured writers for that week. Responses are expeccted to be about 250 words. They MUST be posted by 11.30pm TUESDAY NIGHT. (You need only respond to ONE featured writer's essay -- and on the week that you yourself are a featured writer you must still respond -- just respond to some other featured writer's essay, or if you're the only one for your tribe that week, write a response to your other tribemates' responses.)

On both these assignments, you will be graded by your *depth of engagement* with the 1) reading material for the course, 2) the question asked, and 3) the arguments of your interlocutors. If this is terra incognita to you, see the "Making a great web post" section of this web site.


Worksheets are introductory exercises attached to each unit of the course, starting with Unit 2. The worksheet will test how well you have digested the material from the Online Textbook unit associated with each unit of the course. It should be your final step in preparing to do the readings.

Deadlines for worksheets are absolute and non-negotiable -- they are at 11.30 on Sundays and Tuesdays -- see class schedule for specifics. 

There are 12 units in the course, the first unit has no online assignment. Completing (see below) 8 out of the possible 11 worksheets earns you the full 10 percentage points. Less than 10 will earn you 1.25 percentage points for each worksheet you do for this section of the course. For example if some bizzare reason you only complete 6 out of 11 worksheets, you'll earn 7.5 out of the possible 10 percentage points for this part of the class.

"Completing" an online worksheet means generating correct answers for ALL the questions you are asked. They usually have 10 points and getting 10 out of 10 means you HAVE COMPLETED the worksheet. Getting 9 or less out of 10 means you HAVE NOT COMPLETED the worksheet. You may repeat the worksheet as many times as you need in order to complete it. Only the score of your most recent attempt is recorded. (If you receive a perfect score and then retake the exam and get a LOWER score the lower score will overwrite your complete score and you'll have to retake the worksheet.


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