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Welcome to the
Mythology web site!
Site overview
This site has two main components.
The ONLINE TEXTBOOK part IS NOT password protected and encourages you to just surf around and learn things. You'll notice that it's organized into a few clusters of units, one unit for each week of the course.
The CANVAS part IS password protected and is where you will go to do online assignments pegged to each week's unit. 
Using the Online Textbook part of the web site (where we are now)
This is where you'll spend most of your online time. It is divided into several large content areas, marked out by tabs, each of which contains one or more units. Each web unit will prepare you for the unit's lectures and readings AND teach you what you need to complete the unit's online worksheet (see below). On some of the tabbed sections, you'll also see general help pages, knowledge of which will be useful for you but is not directly evaluated in the worksheets. Expect to spend 2-3 hours digesting and studying the online unit before you do the worksheet. Some weeks will be a little less than this, but if you allow for that much time, you won't be caught offguard.
This web site will be slightly different from other web sites.
In my experience the web in classes is typically used as a review mechanism -- of lecture notes, reading outlines, study guides, etc. In this course, we're going to turn that idea on its head. The main point of these units is to provide you with the necessary preliminary information you need to make lectures and reading assignments comprehensible. It is also the only place where you'll get some of the information you need to perform well in the class.
So... work on the web site for this course is NOT optional.
Another aspect of this web site deserves some comment. Much of the web is happy to turn you into a twitching zombie at the end of a data spigot. (A short attention span makes you more suggestable, and when you're more suggestable you're more useful to all kinds of people.) I've been that zombie myself before, sad to say. But... to visit this web site this way will not work well. It's an online textbook, and if you give it some time, as you would textbook reading, I am confident you'll find all kinds of good things in here. Resist the twitch!
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 Homeric Hymns
 Greek Tragedy
Assignments on Canvas
Your performance in the class as a whole will be evaluated by your peformance on exams (see details on the grading formulas). It will also include a substantial online component, in the form of online worksheets (10% of your grade) and weekly writing assignments (15% of your grade).
Every week you will have a worksheet to fill out on Canvas. The deadline for worksheets is absolute and non-negotiable -- it is 11pm on Sundays -- see course schedule for specific dates. 
The worksheet will test how well you have digested the material from the online unit associated with each unit of the course.
After the introduction week, there are 14 units in the course. Unit 1 (which gets us started) and Unit 7 (right before the midterm) have no worksheets, making 12 possible worksheets for the course. Completing (see below) 10 out of the possible 12 worksheets earns you the full 10 percentage points. Less than 10 will earn you one percentage point for each worksheet you do for this section of the course. For example if some bizzare reason you only complete 6 out of 12 worksheets, you'll earn 6 out of the possible 10 percentage points for this part of the class.
"Completing" an online worksheet means generating correct answers for ALL the questions you are asked. They all have 10 points and getting 10 out of 10 means you HAVE COMPLETED the worksheet. Getting 9 or less out of 10 means you HAVE NOT COMPLETED the worksheet. You may repeat the worksheet as many times as you need in order to complete it. HOWEVER, only the score of your most recent attempt is recorded. (If you receive a perfect score and then retake the exam and get a LOWER score the lower score will overwrite your complete score and you'll have to retake the worksheet.)
Connect to Canvas now.
As the semester moves along, week-by-week, you'll be asked to do different kinds of writing assignments -- sometimes alone, sometimes with a partner, sometimes in larger groups. Assignments will vary and will be announced in recitation by your TAs.
THE ONLY PLACE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LEARN THE NATURE OF EACH ASSIGNMENT IS FROM YOUR TA, IN YOUR RECITATION SECTION -- underscoring how much we all value your full and attentive participation in every recitation section -- INCLUDING the one right before Spring Break!
For tips general tips on what we'll be looking for in these assignments and how they'll be graded, see the "Making a great web post" section of this web site.
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