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Roland Barthes

In preparation for reading Roland Barthes, please:

1) Read pp. 7 - 12 your book, Mythologies, which =
  • the "Translator's Note"
  • "Preface to the 1970 edition"
  • "Preface"
  • PLUS the back cover
2) Read these background aritcles on Barthes.
background on Barthes 1
background on Barthes 2 STOP: READ THIS FIRST: This link connects you to a doc on our Canvas site. It's a pdf of the article, "Barthes, Roland" from the Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism. If you have any problems, the source is findable online in our library's website.
background on Barthes 3
3) Read this brief excerpt from his Mythologies, which we'll be reading from for class. It gives you a sense of what he's up to.
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