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HERACLES 100.00%
He was called Alcaeus (Alkaios) from his paternal grandfather; Alcides (Alkides) from alke, strength.
DIOMEIA 100.00%
An Athenian festival in honour of Heracles. (See HERACLES.)
CEYX 68.29%
A king of Trachis, the friend and nephew of Heracles. (See HERACLES.)
ALCIDES 63.99%
A surname of Heracles (q.v.)
An epithet of Apollo and Heracles.
CREON 61.23%
IOLAUS 54.04%
Son of Iphicles, the half-brother of Heracles, and the faithful companion and charioteer of that hero. For his help in destroying the Lernaean hydra and in the fight with Cycnus, Heracles transferred to him his first wife Megara. The friendship he bad devoted to the father he continued to the children of Heracles in defending them against Eurystheus. As the comrade of Heracles he was worshipped beside him in Thebes, where the gymnasium was named after him, and where the inhabitants used to swear by his name.
Daughter of OEneus king of Calydon, and Althaea. She was the wife of Heracles, whose death was brought about by her jealousy (see HERACLES).
Son of Poseidon and Astypalaea, king of the Meropes of Cos. He was slain by Heracles, who had been driven on to the coast on his return from Troy. The struggle was a hard one, but Heracles was assisted by Zeus. The daughter of Eurypylus, Chalciope, became mother of Thessalus by Heracles.
CYCNUS 47.31%
The son of Ares and Pelopia, who threw himself in the way of Heracles in Trachis, when the hero was on his way to Ceyx. According to another story Heracles was sent against Cycnus by Apollo, because he lay in wait for the processions on their road to Delphi. In the contest between them, as described by Hesiod in his Shield of Heracles, Ares stood at the side of his son, while Heracles was supported by Athene and his faithful Iolaus. Heracles slew Cycnus, and even wounded Ares, when the latter attempted to avenge the fall of his son. Cycnus was buried with all due honours by his father-in-law Ceyx, but Apollo destroyed the tomb by an inundation of the river Anaurus. There was a son of Ares and Pyrene who bore the same name, and he too was said to have fallen in combat against Heracles. Area attempted to avenge his son, when Zeus, by a flash of lightning, separated his angry children. After his death, said the story, Cycnus was changed by his father into a swan.
Queen of the Amazons, daughter of Ares and of Otrera; slain in battle by Heracles, when he went at the bidding of Eurystheus to fetch the girdle given her by Ares. (See HERACLES.)
IOLE 42.63%
Daughter of Eurytus of (Echalia. She came into the power of Heracles as a captive of war, and was on his death (of which she was the innocent cause) married to his son Hyllus. (See HERACLES.)
OMPHALE 42.57%
Daughter of Iardanus, widow of Tmolus, and queen of Lydia, with whom Heracles spent three years in bondage. (See HERACLES.)
IPHITUS 40.15%
Son of Eurytus of (Echalia, and a friend of Heracles, who, in a fit of madness, hurled him down headlong from the battlement of his castle at Tiryns. (See HERACLES.)
Son of Ares and Cyrene king of the Bistones. (See HERACLES.)
AUGE 33.93%
Daughter of Aleus of Tegea, and mother of Telephus by Heracles.
ALCMENE 32.90%
Daughter of Electryon, wife of Amphitryon (q.v.), mother of Heracles by Zeus. On her connexion with Rhadamanthys, see RHADAMANTHYS. After her son's translation to the gods she fled from the face of Eurystheus to Athens, but went back to Thebes, and died there at a great age. She was worshipped at Thebes, and had an altar in the temple of Heracles at Athens.
MEGARA 32.80%
Daughter of the Theban king Creon, wife of Heracles (q.v.), afterwards married by him to Iolaus.
Son of Sthenelus and Nioippe. (See PERSEUS.) He was king of Mycenae, and through the cunning of Hera got power over Heracles, and imposed upon him the celebrated twelve labours. In pursuing the children of Heracles, and attempting to bring about by force their expulsion from Attica, he was defeated and slain in his flight by Hyllus. (See HYLLUS.)
Son of Perseus and Andromeda, king of Mycenae, father of Alcmene, the mother of Heracles. (See AMPHITRYON
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