Visiting the Department

If you are planning a visit to Penn and you are interested in knowing more about our courses and programs, please let us know.

Prospective undergraduates should contact the Undergraduate Chair, Prof. Kimberly Bowes, in advance to arrange a time to meet. Others should contact the chair of the relevant program.

We are happy to discuss our programs with you, and during the semester we may be able to arrange for you to visit a class.

The Classical Studies department is easy to find on the 2nd floor in Cohen Hall.

Don't forget to book a campus tour!


During Quaker Days each April, prospective undergraduates and family members are welcome to the department. You are warmly encouraged to:

  • Stop by the Classical Studies table at College Palooza (first day of Quaker Days).
  • Visit the department during Open House day (second day of Quaker Days). Location: Cohen Hall -- Classical Studies Lounge, 2nd floor; and the Cohen Hall open table, 3rd floor lobby.
  • Schedule a meeting with undergrad chair Kimberly Bowes.