Amy Lewis


I received my B.A. from University College London (2011) and my M.A. from Leiden University (2014), both in Classical Studies. I entered the PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 and I am currently completing a dissertation with support from the School of Arts and Science Dissertation Completion Fellowship.

My major research focus is Greek Old Comedy. My dissertation explores the relationship between Aristophanes and traditional, "low-brow" comedy. I am particularly engaged in integrating the study of fragmentary Greek comedy into the discussion of Aristophanic poetics. I also have an interest in exploring relations between poet and audience in comic genres, including Roman satire. A secondary interest of mine is the reception of Latin literature in Renaissance Italy and in contemporary Italian literature, particularly the influence of Ovid's exile literature in the poetry of Marullus and Poliziano, and the influence of Pliny the Elder in the novels of Italo Calvino.