Julieta Vittore Dutto

Hello! My name is Julieta.

Before coming to Penn, I completed my ‘Licenciatura’ in Classical Literature at the University of Córdoba, Argentina, and spent two years at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Berlin Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as a DAAD scholarship holder.

My research interests are interdisciplinary. I wrote a dissertation entitled “Between words and objects: Personification and the making of a material memory in Ovid’s Tristia,” which uses sensory and intermedial approaches to study personified objects in Ovid’s exile poetry. My work deals with the crossings between texts and artifacts, the history of the book, reading practices in antiquity, ancient and modern theories of the senses.

The study of personification has sparked an interest in theatrical masks and costumes, and more broadly, in ancient conceptions of the body from literary, rhetorical, philosophical and medical perspectives.

More recently, I have begun studying Sanskrit, and I hope to look at these questions comparatively between the ancient Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit speaking worlds.

Beyond my research work, I also write poetry, and in 2022 my collection of poems “Un lugar interminable” (“A never ending place”) has been published by Editorial Mascarón de Proa.